Iconic & trendy

Rothschild is a beautiful, wide, tree-lined boulevard that encompasses the Tel Aviv spirit – the love of life and the relaxed energy of Telavivians. It begins in Neve Tsedek and continues northwards until it reaches “Habima”, Israel’s National Theater.

The street is lined with Bauhaus buildings, the iconic architecture of Tel Aviv recognised as UNESCO World Heritage. Many of these have been beautifully restored and are now homes for the offices of financial institutions, creative firms, restaurants, cafes, and luxury residences. Alongside these buildings sit some of the tallest skyscrapers in Tel Aviv, built more recently, mostly to accomodate banks’ headquarters, and to give contrast to the traditional buildings on the street. Rothschild is also home to a number of Tel Aviv’s trendy contemporary art galleries.

Day and night, Rothschild boulevard is brimming with life: people taking a stroll, walking their dogs, jogging, cycling, or simply stopping at one of the multiple restaurants, kiosks or bars lining the street for a coffee and a bite. There is almost always an outdoor art exhibition or live show to enjoy. It is so much fun to walk around or just sit on a bench and people-watch!

Many of the smaller streets that connect with Rothschild have the same historical-yuppie atmosphere, architectural style and cultural significance. 

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