Central area with unique character

Also known as the Yemenite Quarter, this sweet little neighborhood just off Carmel Market is a maze of semi-pedestrian streets with small buildings. This area is very popular now in the real estate market, both to rent and buy. Central location, close proximity to the beachfront and the market are a perfect combination of elements. Kerem HaTeimanim is an area rich in history and offering diverse cultural, culinary and shopping experiences.

The bustling Carmel Market goes straight down from Allenby all the way to the Carmelit bus station near the sea. In the surrounding alleyways and streets you can find shops selling eastern food, meat or spices, as well as local handicrafts and artwork from Israeli and Arab merchants.

Nahalat Binyamin is a pedestrian mall filled with cozy cafés and superb restaurants in charmingly designed old buildings. The atmosphere is jovial every day, especially twice a week when the ever-popular Crafts Market takes over and street performers entertain passers-by.  

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