Middle Eastern vibe mixed with European charm

Jaffa is the ancient port city from which Tel Aviv has now grown. Nowadays it’s a real melting pot of Jewish and Arab populations. Jaffa’s status has progressively escalated in the last several years among Tel Avivian yuppies, history lovers and foodies. Restaurants, cafés and bars have mushroomed in the neighborhood, spicing up late-night hours. Jaffa has become a place that integrates old and new, affordability and luxury; a place where you can catch both a scent of the older days and whiffs of the Western day-to-day life. Quite a cool place to live, Jaffa is now a highly desirable part of Tel Aviv’s urban scene, with its beautiful old buildings, picturesque gardens and incredible spirit.

The Old Jaffa Port (Namal Yafo) is reputed to be one of the oldest ports in the world. In recent years, it has been developed as a cultural attraction, whilst retaining its operations as a working port. Many of the old hangars have been converted into versatile spaces which are often hosting exhibitions of art and photography.

The Jaffa Port Market, which opened in 2012 in a converted hangar at the Jaffa Port, offers a tantalizing array of great value gourmet food from seafood and oysters to local delicacies such as hummus. There are also gift shops and weekly events including a Friday morning farmers market.

The Flea Market (Shuk Hapishpishim) is one of the highlights of the area with vendors selling products of any variety imaginable, a mix of treasure, junk, and daily basics. It’s an incredible cultural experience in itself. The adjacent small, narrow streets are home to art galleries and studios, as well as boutique and craft shops

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