Cosmopolitan & dynamic

This is the biggest “neighborhood” in town, with a somewhat  bourgeois vibe, still not totally yuppie and detached. There are lots of lovely Bauhaus buildings, old eclectic houses and new constructions. The City Center doesn’t feel like one neighborhood, with each of the central main streets having its own identity and feel.

Dizengoff street is one of the city’s most iconic streets, where one truly experiences the beating pulse of the city center with dozens of cafes, shops, restaurants and galleries on every corner. Dizengoff Street and those surrounding it feature some of Tel Aviv’s iconic Bauhaus buildings.

Cosmopolitan yet bohemian, King George Street provides not only a fulfilling tourist experience, but also a glimpse into the everyday lives of local Israelis. It is a vital hub of activity within Tel Aviv, easily accessible from almost anywhere in the city. In many ways, King George Street is Tel Aviv’s capital of cool. It is a place to enjoy authentic regional foods and to go bar hopping. Running through one of the coolest and most dynamic areas in Tel Aviv, it’s also an authentic representation of the city with plenty of buildings built in the Bauhaus style.

The famous Dizengoff Center, located at the Dizengoff - King George intersection, is the first shopping mall in Tel Aviv. Today it features over 400 stores, a cinema, and a large parking lot.

To the north of Dizengoff Center is Dizengoff Square, a local landmark with a colorful fountain that, in the evenings of the summer months, puts on a light show to the tunes of classical music. The square also hosts antique market fortnightly.

The lush Meir Garden, located steps away from Dizengoff Center, is a perfect place to relax, play with kids or walk your dog.

Sheinkin is another notable central street, filled with old boutiques, cafes and interesting people. 

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